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How do you make that scarf?

Making a scarf from my art is a little more complicated than it seems. Most of my scarves are long and narrow (around 28" x 80"). I paint on a variety of shapes that are rarely long and narrow.

My most complex design to date is Fan Dance, which started as this painting:

flamboyant bird in wild colors
Fan Dance, Acrylic on board

And thanks to a lot of manipulation via Photoshop, it transformed to this 28" x 80" scarf.

cashmere silk scarves featuring Connie Desaulniers art
Fan Dance Scarf, printed on cashmere/silk.

How did I make it? First, I cropped the tail from the original painting and made a mirror image, and then painted the top of the tail in Photoshop. This design was added to the mirror images of the birds (who otherwise would have a tail with a crew cut).