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Lighten Up!

Back when I had a marketing business and painted for therapy, I had an epiphany. I decided to paint what I felt, not what I saw. Obviously I felt a little wacky because some weird art poured out of my studio. And making it made me feel good. So good that I closed my stress-laden business and started painting for a living.

My quirky art is still a favorite form of therapy. Many of these pieces are literally off-the-wall, with 3-dimensional elements emerging from the canvas. Click one of the images below to see the slide show.

The first three are in "That's Funny: Art with a Sense of Humor" at the Charles Taylor Visual Arts Center in Hampton, May 5 - June 16.

* What rock group was famous for Bungle in the Jungle? Send me an email with the answer. A winner will be randomly chosen and wins a free canvas print of the original painting (above).

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