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Why "Moonshadow"?

I've always been mesmerized by the moon. It's like a hole in the sky where you can peek through and see the mysteries on the other side. The moon inspired this painting, called "Moonlight Becomes You:

And so did the eponymous song made famous by Ella Fitzgerald and others:

Although Cat Stevens' song "Moonshadow" has a cheerful melody, it is not only about the magic of the moon. It is about resilience and making the most of challenges. The song always gets in my head when life doesn't go as expected. This became especially meaningful when, right after we sold MAD about Chocolate, my mother was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease.

In spite of her physical challenges, my mother just keeps smiling and making the most of the days she has left.

She gave me valuable feedback throughout the creation of the new Moonshadow Art & Design web site, as well as on the art I have created over the last 6 months (and all of my life). Her sharp mind, sense of humor, grace, creativity and love compensates for her body that is no longer useful.

She will always be an inspiration.

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