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A New Life, A New Web Site

In January 2016, Marcel and I closed our beloved cafe', MAD about Chocolate, and sold it to restaurateur Mike Riordan, so Marcel could retire.

Does this look like a man who wants to retire?  Yes!

Does this look like a man who wants to retire? Well, yes.

As for me, after working MADly for 14 hours a day, 7 days a week (and loving it), the last thing I wanted to do was stop my shark-like ways.

The first thing I wanted to do was spend more time creating my lifelong passion: art.

During the MAD about Chocolate Days, I hadn't exactly taken an art hiatus. The cafe' was my gallery, and I needed to keep it filled. But I spent more time creating chocolate, advertisements, Facebook posts, customer service and employee enrichment than I did art.

So after MAD changed hands, I painted. First, a commissioned portrait of former Virginia Governor Chuck Robb, then two large pots. I completed a second commission and lined up two more. Plus I embarked on this web site - the most challenging of all of the projects. It remains a work in progress.

Speaking of works in progress, that's the reason for this blog. To show art-in-progress, and perhaps explain why it exists at all.

Stay tuned.

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