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west Lafayette high school

Class of 1971 Fiftieth Reunion

Who's Coming?

We want to see your name on this list!  The list will be continuously updated as more of our classmates register.

I am!!!

As of August 24, 2021

Craig and Hope Anderson
Bob Bain
Jim and Merry Lee Bain
Ron and Suzie Bauman
Verly Booher
Jay Callahan
Ken and Lucille Conrad
John Cote and Carla Koertge
Carol Davis Waters

Red Devil
Jeannine Durdik
Neil Eggleston
Tom and Lyn Fagan
Dan and Elaine Frickey

Bill Gist
Randy Gray
Bill and Carol Green
Carl and Lynn Griffin
Kris Hoff Powers
Mark Johnson
Mike and Marcia Kremer
Maurice Kurtz
Steve and Ann Leatherman
Kathy Lind & Chris Wilson
Peggy Livingston
Rolf Lokke

Bob McGrath
Mark and Sharon Meerzo
Jeff Miller

Jay Milligan
Harry and Sylvia Mohler

Rick Morrissey
Marjorie Moses Kliman

Debra Nix
Al and Angel Parker
Dave Peterson
Marty and Jan Pickett

Jane Riley and Greg Davidson

River Rat
Pam Reese Frost
Jan Richardson
Doug Samuels

Chuck and Susy Stewart
Pete and Sue Stott
Eileen Touloukian Swoboda
Dan and Sharon Tractman
Jo Veenker Shaffer & John               Shaffer

Connie Warren Desaulniers
Dale and Linda Webster
Bill and Mary Weeks
Brent Williamson

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Class Bios

Be in the know before you go!

Click here to see updated bios of your classmates.

Send your bio and photo -- even if you are not coming to the reunion -- to Pete Stott so he can add it to the list.

In Memoriam:  Sadly we have lost classmates since 1971.  Click here to see the list.

 grant wood devil red LRMERGED TEMPLATE.

At this reunion.

And where is that?

My education at WLHS got me where I am today.

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