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Kathy Hornsby and Connie Desaulniers have been friends for 25 years.  They have more in common than their passion for color.


Kathy is also a painter whose first love is photography.  Connie loves photography, but primarily as inspiration for her paintings.  Both of their fathers were professors at The College of William and Mary.  Each artist has been deeply involved in their husbands' careers (Kathy's husband, Bruce, is a renowned Grammy awarding-winning musician; Connie's husband Marcel is a retired James Beard Award-winning chef, and author of 10 cookbooks, including "Death by Chocolate").

The two artists are also different, and you will see that in their work.  Kathy's images are thoughtful, carefully organized-yet-spontaneous, and spacious.  Connie's art is energetic, fantastical and often complicated (e.g. 3-dimensional paintings).

Click below for more information about the two artists:

Kathy Hornsby

Connie Desaulniers

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